The Tobacco Transformation Alliance is a legitimate organization supporting the legal tobacco sector, and our members are against all illegal activities hampering the growth and transformation of the tobacco sector.


Illicit trade contributes to the deteriorating trading climate by legitimate businesses in the country, resulting in processing and manufacturing plants being shut down, job losses and companies cutting back on their investments in the local sector.

Our members support the government’s efforts to grow the economy by creating a favourable business environment where all actors comply with the rule of law and pay their taxes.

We are committed to supporting South African economic growth by undertaking the following initiatives:
  • Driving awareness campaigns against illicit trade to support government’s health agenda and blowing the whistle against tax evaders
  • Uniting legal domestic Industry partners in support of national campaigns for the maximum use of local leaf in local production, aligned with national “buy local” economic imperatives
  • Recognising and celebrating legitimate farmers and businesses that support local South African leaf production, in partnership with national, provincial and local government
  • Exposing and opposing illegitimate and illegal businesses which undermine the interests of our members.